Thursday, August 02, 2007

So much for Quebec's anti-choice revolution

A few weeks ago, the mandatory maternity crowd was crowing with glee about a popular song topping the charts in Quebec. The song, "Degeneration" by Quebec band "Mes Aieux", was somewhat nebulous ... it referred to big families, modern women having abortions and being sexually liberated and so on... it could have been interpreted in a number of ways.

Without actually contacting the band who did the song to find out what message they were trying to put across, the no-choicers interpreted it as an anti-choice song and pronounced it the Battle Hymn of the Fetuses. Families of 14! Women unhappy with sexual freedom and... abortion! Fetus fetishists wet themselves in ecstacy. An anti-abortion reproductive revolution was surely at hand, and it would start with this song in Catholic Quebec. Every anti-choice blog and their main source of dysinformation, "lifesite", did write-ups about the song and posted the video. Onward and upward, xtian soldiers, noses to the crotch!

Except ummm.. not so much. When the band found out that the anti-choicers had misappropriated their song, they were anything but pleased:

"MONTREAL, QC, August 1, 2007 ( - The French Canadian folk-rock Band Mes Aïeux has furiously responded to a news article for its "misinterpretation" of their song Dégénération." [...]

"Nevertheless, Mes Aïeux was deeply offended by the news report. They called it a "kidnapping" of the song. "You have associated our song with your anti-choice cause without consulting us" they wrote to, and requested removal of the photo of the group and even the link to their website. Upon learning that they are a pro-abortion band, LifeSiteNews gladly complied although there is no legal obligation to remove such a link. LifeSiteNews has never received such a request in its ten years of existence."

So much for that, eh? Hahahahaha! Oh well. Not to worry, fetus-humpers, there are lots of other songs out there that you could appropriate and call your own. May I suggest "Feed Us A Fetus" by the Dayglo Abortions?