Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lifenews or Live Science? No contest.

When it comes to the ever-popular, though completely mythical, abortion-breast cancer link, who ya gonna believe? This drooling halfwit, from something called "Lifenews":
"A leading web site on science issues ran an article on Tuesday from its "junk science" reporter that misleads women by saying the abortion-breast cancer link is nonexistent. It also says there is little or no way to prevent breast cancer, despite studies showing that having children helps protect women from the disease."

Or a medical issues writer at "":
"A persistent myth that the survey did not address is that abortions can cause breast cancer. This is based on real science—studies of rats in the 1980s indicating a possible correlation between hormones and breast tissue growth. But the issue was thoroughly resolved by the 1990s.

Nevertheless, the Bush Administration revisited the issue in 2002, gave equal weight to the earlier, smaller studies showing a correlation, and told the National Cancer Institute to state the possible abortion-cancer connection in its fact sheets and Web site. It took Congressional action and a three-day conference on the topic to remove this erroneous information by 2003." (emphasis mine)

It's less indicative of their cognitive dissonance than their vicious mean-spiritedness that anti-choicers refuse to let this one go no matter how often medical science debunks it.