Monday, October 15, 2007

Malkin leaves O'Reilly show

Stalkin' Michelle Malkin has "decided to stop appearing on the O'Reilly Factor". Decided. Hahahahaha right... Jumped or pushed?

Update: Pushed! says Sadly, No who translate her email on the subject thusly:

Translation: The O’Reilly show fired me for my poor handling of the Graeme Frost matter (my continuing attacks on a 12-year-old kid with traumatic brain injury made me a liability) and for my continuing unhinged campaign against Geraldo Rivera, to list some of this month’s examples. Having been given the opportunity to resign, I have turned it around on the O’Reilly show and am now performing my Brave Little Topsy act. Can you believe their poor handling of the. . .uh, thing? I am so outraged at this lack of professionalism that I will die here in this snowbank before continuing to associate myself with such a program.