Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saudi spin

Hoho! Someone's been watching Fox News. Just before a visit to the UK, Saudi King Abdullah deftly deflected the world's attention from planned demonstrations against the kingdom's abysmal human rights record by accusing the Brits of not doing enough about terrorism. Huh?! What?!
"Before Abdullah arrived on Monday, he accused Britain of failing to act on intelligence that might have prevented the 2005 London transit bombings, touching off debate about the kingdom's response to terror at the start of the first state visit by a Saudi king in two decades." [...]

"I believe that most countries are not taking this issue too seriously, including, unfortunately, Great Britain," he said through a translator. "We have sent information to Great Britain before the terrorist attacks in Britain, but unfortunately no action was taken and it may have been able to avert the tragedy."
Well allrighty, then! Clearly irony is alive and well in the House of Saud. Nobody's taking terrorism seriously except the Saudis -- I suppose King Abdullah could be right, just not for the reason he thinks he is.

In other news -- oh look! Over there! Shiny jingly jangly car keys!

Update: Fisk's take.