Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wingnuts strike out against Coulter

for her anti-Semitic comments... Hahahahaha!!! Just kidding!!!

Let's have a look at the Pantload Media roundup on the subject:

Hot Air: “She’s not talking about forcible conversion; she’s saying Christians believe the Judeo-Christian tradition is The Way and those who don’t follow the path all the way to the end aren’t quite where they need to be.”

LGF: “From my reading, Coulter was simply stating standard Christian doctrine—with a little extra edginess to get Deustch wound up. Looks like it worked, and now she’ll sell some more books as a result.”

The Anchoress: “If you read that transcript to the end, you can see where Coulter tries to clarify her meaning, but she can’t, partly because a sound-bite forum is NO PLACE for that sort of deep and too-easily-misunderstood discussion, and partly because her host is, from his perspective as a Jew, unsurprisingly appalled by what he is hearing, by what he thinks Coulter is saying.”

You get the idea. Looks like they're taking the "She didn't really mean it that way" road out of this little shitstorm. Unfortunately, there's only one way she could mean it. And one other point of interest, if you please: just imagine their response had the same remarks been made by... oh, I don't know... Rosie O'Donnell? Huh??