Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Almost forgot

Back to the ludicrous PAPRI study. You know, abortion, breast cancer, yadda yadda yadda.

I know I said I'd never post about it again, but I left something out of my other post, something so obvious that I'm almost embarrassed to be adding it as an afterthought, but I'd be remiss if I didn't point it out. That is, the fourth strike against the PAPRI thing: it's an "insurance report", as lifesite's own heading confirms:
"Media Ignore Major Insurance Report Stating Abortion is "best predictor of breast cancer"
Companies advised to adjust insurance premiums in light of 50% increase in breast cancer to 2029"
Can you say "gouge"? Any study the insurance industry's involved in has to be taken with a massive boulder of salt since it adds a profit motive for pushing a particular view. And the fact that the industry is exploring the possible use of this report as a reason to boost premiums rather than deny coverage is most telling.

Anyone who's had a cancer diagnosis, no matter how long ago, no matter if it's never recurred, can't get life insurance. Period. Anyone who has a high risk, as PAPRI indicates women having abortions do, is on equally shaky ground. Insurance companies have been known to deny coverage based on genetic testing that indicates a 10-40% risk of breast cancer. They like to have the odds on their side.
Forget that bullshit about being in Good Hands With Allstate... believe it or not, insurance companies aren't in business to protect you and me, Buckwheat -- they're in business to make money. So the fact that they're still writing policies at all for women who've had abortions says that even they don't really believe the PAPRI study... other than as a possible profit-generator.

Okay! Consider this topic done. (For today.)