Thursday, November 08, 2007

And another one's gone and another one's gone...

...another one bites the dust!

Another political sex scandal rears its ugly head:
"A former state lawmaker was convicted of raping two former foster daughters during physical examinations that he claimed would help them sell their reproductive eggs." [...]
Niiiiiiice. Physical examinations? What kind of physical examinations?
"The two former foster daughters testified that Klaudt touched their breasts and genitals while conducting what he said were examinations to determine whether they were healthy enough to donate their eggs. The examinations occurred in Klaudt's motel suite in Pierre during the 2005 and 2006 sessions of the South Dakota Legislature, and one of the young women was a page during one of those sessions." [...]
Let's review: A fat gross old man talks his 16-years-old foster daughters into having sex (*gag*) with him (*heave*) by convincing them that their ovaries are little cash registers they can use to make big big dough in an "Eggs-for-Dollars" scheme. But he has to check first to see if their ova make the cut. Over and over, ova and ova.
"The first woman, now 19, testified last week that Klaudt performed as many as 10 tests on her, but only three occurred in Pierre in his motel suite. She said she went along with the exams because she believed the egg donation scheme was real and she hoped to make thousands of dollars.

The second woman, now 20, said she initially wanted Klaudt to examine her because she wanted to make money donating eggs and wanted to find out whether she was fertile. She said that when he examined her in the Pierre motel room in early 2006, she asked him to stop a genital examination three times but that he did not stop." [...]

Ewwww, what a scurvy slimy scumbag. And his party affiliation? (Drum roll, please):

"Klaudt, a Republican, served eight years in the state House from 1999 to 2006 and left because of term limits."

Gotta love them Family Values. On that note, I'm off to shower. Ten times.

(h/t 900 foot jesus)