Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Cable Man Cometh

I'm trying to type this as I wait impatiently for the arrival of Cable Guy so I can get back to regular blogging. I'd forgotten how painfully slow dialup is... links take at least 20 seconds to open, posting is like watching my computer grunt and groan in the throes of terminal constipation (I have to wait a few seconds for each word I've just typed to appear on the screen).

Just for the hell of it I ran a speed test on this connection and: 29kbps. I used to get 46-52kbps on my old dialup, WTF? 29kbps, that's like a tin can on a string! My high speed was about 5000kbps -- with that frame of reference, it's easy to see why things are getting ugly.

By late afternoon I was so frustrated that I called the cable guys and told them they had One Hour to get someone out here -- after that I was taking an axe to the box on the side of my house. "Oh no! You can't do that!" cried the CSR. "My house! I can do whatever the fuck I want to anything that's attached to it!" I screamed... "59 minutes!"

Oh, guess who just rolled up the driveway.

Update: And I'm back baby! 4,884kbps baahahahahaha!!! Yes!!!