Sunday, November 25, 2007

Canada in 6 words or less

Via Dawg's Blawg, the National Post is having a contest. Woohoo! Contest! Yeah baby!:
"Last Saturday, the Post's editorial board introduced a new contest: Canada -- in six words or less. Canada's current motto -- A Mari usque ad Mare (From Sea to Sea) -- isn't working for us, so we asked our readers to e-mail their suggestions for a new tagline for the true north, strong and free. Judging by the responses we've received so far, many people seem to agree with us that it's time for a new Canadian motto.

There's a lot to like about our country, but thus far, the vast majority of entries have surprisingly been negative and, often, rather political. Judging by their suggestions, Jeff Spooner and Al Blow think that we're a mediocre country, and proud of it: The former offered us "Canada: Birthplace of mediocrity" and the latter's "Canada: Mediocre and reasonably proud of it" was a slightly more ironic variation on the same theme..."

"Mediocre"?! Spooner's a looner and Blow can bite me. Canada is an excellent fucking country, even if it's temporarily under the control of criminally insane and terminally mean-spirited weasels and dingbats. "Mediocre" my arse. Time to rev up that big block creativity machine: "Canada in 6 words or less". Any ideas?