Friday, November 16, 2007

Test dialup post

When I tried to get online this morning... "Server not found". Okay, sometimes the wireless isn't so hot. I changed computers, and... "Server not found". Oh oh. I thought for sure the ethernet cable had finally died, after months of being twisted and strangled every day when I move it from the desktop to the wireless router. My suspicion was confirmed by tech support who informed me that I have a perfectly robust internet connection going into my house, but there was a problem between the connection and the computer and that would be the ethernet cable. They'd send me another one -- next week. By mail. Right!

On my way to Radio Shack I happened to see a Cable truck, so I pulled over and ("Hey! You guys!") asked them if they had a spare ethernet cable. YES! The excitement: it was one of those rare moments when the Universe seems to be falling into place and playing out as it should.

All was right with the world til I plugged in... "Server not found". More tech support and a few resets and recycles later, they told me it's Something That Needs A Service Call -- and they can come in five days... maybe. They aren't sure.

The bottom line: dialup, for the first time in years, and this post is a test drive. Oh well, power outage season is upon us, so it'll be great to still be able to surf the net on the lappie by candle light. But if posting is light for a few days, well, you know. Now, let's see what happens when I hit "Publish Post"...