Friday, November 09, 2007

They can't stop lying

Why can't they stop lying? They already practically wrecked this guy's life by scooping him off the street and sending him to some middle east shithole for a year of competitive swim lessons torture. None other than Condi Rice has admitted that the US government mishandled the case. He got a public apology from US Congress. The Canadian government gave him financial restitution. He. Is. Innocent.

Why then, in a federal court today where the appeal of Maher Arar's lawsuit against the US government was being heard, did the government lawyer talk about "Arar's unequivocal membership of al qaeda"?
"NEW YORK - Gasps broke out in a U.S. federal appeals court Friday as a U.S. government lawyer spoke of Maher Arar's "unequivocal membership of al-Qaida."

One of the court's three sitting judges echoed the reaction of many in the public gallery, declaring the statement stunned him too.

Not only has a Canadian judicial inquiry cleared Arar of having any terrorism links, but U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has admitted the U.S. government did not properly handle his case."

"Gasps broke out" -- which is to say everyone in the courtroom including the judges was stunned that the government lawyer would say such a thing, a filthy fucking lie. Why do they keep lying? CYA baby, there are saggy old asses to be covered over all these "erroneous renditions". To admit Arar was a mistake (and we already know there's been a few other mistakes), well, that could initiate a number of legal challenges too vast and ugly to contemplate; a legal snowball gaining momentum as it rolls down a hill towards the white house and comes to a dead stop at the doorstep of Bush and Cheney. Lies are all that's standing between them and the snowball, so they'll keep lying til it rolls away in some other direction -- or melts.