Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This spring's colour is "late-term"

Speaking of free speech, here's some freedom of the press that's got anti-choicers' panties all in a twist. (Like I said, they're all in favour of free speech as long as it's their free speech.)

Vogue Magazine recently ran a photo spread in which the subject talked about her pregnancy that was terminated late-term. Only an anti-choice nutter could construe this as being an attempt by Vogue to make the dreaded late-term abortion "fashionable":

"Vogue is feeling the heat of religious and pro-life organizations over an article these groups say promotes partial-birth abortions with a photo shoot that makes the subject appear fashionable.

"Private Lives," a column which appears in the January issue of Vogue, was written by Lori Campbell, a New York woman who in 1998 was advised by her doctors to have an abortion 22 weeks into her pregnancy after being told the baby would not survive." [...]

"Some pro-life and religious groups argue that the article promotes the controversial abortion procedure.

"Cleverly marketing legal abortion as a boon to women's emancipation has been the most important task of the abortion industry and lobby for 30 years," one pro-life blogger wrote. "In this month's edition, the gruesome procedure of partial birth abortion has been given a style makeover by the world's most influential fashion magazine, Vogue."
I am serious when I say "dreaded" -- nobody has an abortion at 5 months because they just suddenly decide "Meh, I don't want to do this anymore". It's almost always a wanted pregnancy that has to be terminated due to health reasons, either for the mother or because the fetus itself is damaged or non-viable. Hardly something that women would consider the ultimate fashion accessory. A "style makeover"? Yeah, and the next time I read about someone with ovarian cancer, I'll sure be wanting some of that for my spring wardrobe. Nitwits!