Friday, February 29, 2008

The Cadman scandal's real importance

Gotta hand it to those fundies -- there's no issue that they can't find a way to twist into a discussion about one of the Big Two (abortion/gay marriage). Take the Cadman controversy -- a scandal so rich and rife with elements of Conservative skullduggery, back-room dirty deals, indecent proposals and generally unethical behaviour that it will keep rolling for months... and might even bring down the government. Yet here we have one socon blogger's interpretation:

Chuck Cadman and the vote that lost marriage

Back in the spring of 2005, the same-sex marriage debate was raging. It had not yet become law.

Chuck Cadman's vote, in my opinion, prevented Canada from having an election over marriage.

Maybe, just maybe, if Chuck had voted with the Opposition, the majority of Canadians who wanted to keep the traditional definition of marriage, might have prevailed.
Auuugghh! There are already holes in the walls on all four sides and the desk below me from the pounding of my head. Must I start on the floor?