Thursday, February 07, 2008

Calling bullshit, yet again

Having been stabbed and shot already, I doubt there's much that could faze Dr. Garson Romalis at this point. But those of us appreciative of his efforts on our behalf are still sometimes a little amazed at the sheer vicious volume of bullshit that's fired our way by hysterical anti-choicers, and their continued insistence on firing it even in the face of contradictory evidence.

On Monday the National Post ran the text of the speech given by Dr. Romalis at the R. v. Morgentaler 20th Anniversary Symposium. The NatPo then received the usual assortment of deluded and deranged anti-abortion responses -- one of which was published op-ed style. Canadian Cynic found it at this BT blog under the deceptive title "The Truth about Abortion, from someone who's been there". (Deceptive because this person's "truth" is just an opinion.)

The "truth", as shoveled out by the serial-aborting but subsequently remorseful Denise Mountenay of anti-choice organization "Silent No More", is that abortion causes everything from cancer to insanity. Yes, it's the good old ABC link again, the one that's been debunked so many times it's getting redundant, but that doesn't stop the nutbars from shrieeeeeking about it, complete with so-called "studies" from birdcage liners like the Journal of Physicians and Surgeons. When presented with *real* research that debunks the hypothetical "link"... they just turn up the volume and move up the dial to "The Emotional Risks".

There's no doubt a minority of women experience emotional issues after an abortion, issues they can usually be walked out of with a little help. But it's safe to say that for a few, their delicate mental state may have been a pre-existing condition. However, abortion certainly provides a convenient scapegoat for anyone unwilling or unable to face the fact that maybe they're just fucked up.

For the vast majority of us it's a decision that provides overwhelming relief at worst... I did a happy dance and handsprings on my way out of the clinic. To suggest that because some women have abortion-related emotional issues the choice should be taken away from all is kind of like supporting prohibition because a small minority can't handle their booze.

And that's the truth about abortion -- from someone who's been there.

UPDATE: Holy fuck! You need goddamn hip-waders to go over there now, the bullshit's getting so deep. After a little finger-wagging lecture about my slutty sex life, Denise spices things up with
a dash of racism:
It's amazing how the more these people talk, the more they reveal themselves for the sexist, racist authoritarian douchebags they really are.

UPPERDATE: Censored! I posted a comment that had a quote from wiki explaining the source of this journal that Denise keeps citing as a "credible medical source", the JPandS. To wit:

"Some past articles and commentaries published in the journal have argued:

A series of articles by pro-life authors published in the journal argued for the existence of a link between abortion and breast cancer;[32][33] such a link has been rejected by the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and the mainstream scientific community."

I summarized: "So Denise gets her information from a group of homophobic, anti-choice global warming deniers who don't believe in evolution. These are doctors? I sure wouldn't let them cut on me."

For that, I was censored. Which should tell you all you need to know about these people and how secure they feel about their "ABC" link research.

I think we're done here. Really, this time.