Sunday, February 24, 2008

The damn liberal media

Blogging Tory "The Canadian Republic" ran a nice little story from Iraq today, the heartwarming story of a marine and his dog. TCR's commenters liked the story, and predictably, arf like trained seals:
"Too bad we don't see articles like that in our papers."
Too bad indeed, and why is that? Is it because Iraq is a hell-hole where every day above ground is a good day for most people, and good stories are kind of hard to come by? Or is it because of a vast conspiracy by goddam lieberal librano libtards, who simply refuse to run any good stories about Iraq? Or is it because the wingnuts spend too much time reading the xenophobic rants on the Shotgun Blog and not enough time reading UOH?

I am out of patience with these nitwits.