Friday, February 22, 2008

"F" is for "Friday"...

... and "Finals"! And "F-Word"!

The final vote in the F-Word Blog Awards is today and tomorrow -- one vote in each category, today or tomorrow (edited, thanks Prole) for your favourite Womanoids (and their friends)! Finalists are here.

I'm too shy for self-promotion (no, really), and there are far superior blogs to this one in the running... *cough*Birth Pangs*cough* Okay, in case anyone missed it, that was an endorsement for Birth Pangs, the blog that asks the question: "Who says feminists are humourless?" But that's as close as I'll get to promoting any one blog. (ETA -- And a quick thank-you to those who nominated and voted for me in the semi-finals, you're very sweet.)

Voting will be open soon... Do Your Thing, baby!