Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birth Pangs Day!

It seems like only yesterday this bold regulated-pregnancy initiative was launched to counter the (admittedly lame) proponents of mandatory pregnancy, but today Birth Pangs is one year old!
And what a year it's been: 12 months' worth of well-placed verbal drop-kicks to the crotches of forced-birthers everywhere, with an aim that just gets better every day. Some highlights:

Abortionist inflicts demonic psycho-terror on fetus fetishists (and fern hill did not make this up!)

Fetus Fetishists tossed into the penalty box! (Ten minutes for bad sportsmanship!)

The lowdown on Abstinence programs! (Chastity belts in pastel shades!)

The criminalizers speak! (and don't have much of substance to say)

The BirthPangsmobile (Get a free ultrasound of your uterus!)

What shall we say to our blobs? (Oh hai?)

Birth Pangs swag! (Your choice!)

Fetus Fetishists Freepapalooza! (D'oh! Busted again!)

And that's just a taste. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Team BP! Keep up the good work!