Monday, February 04, 2008

"Lefties hate free speech!"

Or so goes conventional wingnut wisdom of late.

In following stories about Levant, Steyn, and most recently, MP Keith Martin, I've noticed a strange new urban legend making the rounds of the jerkoffosphere: "Lefties hate da free speak!(!!!)". This toxic turd is dumped in just about every right-wing blogospheric toilet in the known universe despite the fact that "lefties" have expressed virtually no support for the HRC complaints that started the whole free speech fooferaw. Most of the prog-blogs I read seem to agree that the complaints against Levant and Steyn/Macleans Magazine are specious, if not outright stupid, and will be probably be rightly dismissed.

And yet the Bullshit Machine keeps rockin' and rollin' along. Check out the incoherent diatribe of commenter "none" (as in, "how many brains do you have? - none") at SUZANNE's blogpost about RT's blogpost (guest-posting at Scott Tribe's blog -- confused yet?) about the motion being tabled by MP Keith Martin. RT, a progressive, says he supports the motion. Enthusiastically supports it, no less. But that doesn't stop "none-mind" from braying:

Well ya coulda fooled me! So colour me corn-fused... the wingnuts must be getting this idea from somewhere, but where oh where? I really want to know.