Monday, February 25, 2008

Wear Pink Wednesday!

We've all heard about the "Wear Red Friday" program that encourages us to show support for the troops in Afghanistan by wearing Canadian flag-toned red shirts on Friday. And then there were the students in Nova Scotia who stood up to the bullying of one of their own by turning the school into a Sea of Pink, the colour the student was bullied for wearing. Today Montreal Simon posted about another upcoming support initiative: "Wear Pink Wednesday".

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan has announced that this coming Wednesday (February 27th) will be "Wear Pink Wednesday" in hopes of bringing attention to the urgency and tragedy of bullying. All are encouraged to show their support for anti-bullying programs by wearing pink, like the staff and students at this school plan to do. Even City Hall will fly a pink flag as Vancouver gets behind this worthwhile cause. Vancouver radio station CKNW is right *in the pink*, and has downloadable posters and other info on its website, including an email address where you can write and express your support for the anti-bullying cause.

Wouldn't it be great if all of Canada became a Sea of Pink on Wednesday, and a bully-free zone for the rest of the year?