Wednesday, March 05, 2008

C-484: Yeas and Nays

From Hansard, the yeas:
And the Nays:
UPDATE: The bill now proceeds onto the Justice Committee. Here are the members of the committee, party affiliations, and how they voted today:

Chair: Art Hanger CON, YES

Vice Chairs: Real Menard - BQ, NO

Brian Murphy - LIB, NO


Larry Bagnell - LIB, NO

Blaine Calkins - CON, YES

Joe Comartin - NDP, NO

Rick Dykstra - CON, YES

Carole Freeman - BQ, NO

Dominic LeBlanc - LIB, NO

Derek Lee - LIB, YES

Rob Moore - CON, YES

Daniel Petit - CON, YES
5 Conservatives, 4 Liberals two one of whom (Lee) might as well be a Conservative. (ETA - only one Liberal on the committee voted "Yes".)

(h/t to Scott Tribe in the comments)