Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help save a park

I was alerted by Ross K at the Gazeteer to the dire future that may be facing some gorgeous parkland in Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Park. Here's Ross K:
"Due to the duplicitous action of Mr. Campbell's provincial government a chunk of Pacific Spirit Park, which is on the Western edge of Vancouver and is kind of like Stanley Park only wilder, will soon fall under the Developers' axes. There is only one faint hope, which is that our Civic pols might actually show some gumption and say 'hell no!' And they're meeting to talk about it tomorrow. Thus, I have a post up asking/pleading with anyone living in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (pretty much all of the lower mainland) to Email these civic pols asking them to take a stand."
Anyone who lives out here on the west coast knows that a park isn't just a little greenspace -- our parks are mindblowingly beautiful pieces of barely-touched wilderness. One of the things that makes Vancouver so unique is that it's a major city with these chunks of pure wilderness right inside its limits. This isn't just an ecology thing (although such spaces have profound ecological reasons to exist), it's a quality-of-life thing. I have a similar park half a mile away, and can't imagine the area without it.

Ross K has more on the issue, including contact info for the civic people who can help.