Thursday, March 06, 2008

Let the asskicking begin

There are 27 Liberal MPs who need to have their treacherous asses kicked all over Parliament Hill, those who voted for that despicable travesty of a Bill C-484:
Raymond Bonin; Gord Brown; John Cannis; Hon. Raymond Chan; Hon. Roy Cullen; Sukh Dhaliwal; Hon. Albina Guarnieri; Hon. Charles Hubbard; Hon. Jim Karygiannis; Derek Lee; Hon. Lawrence MacAulay; Hon. Gurbax Malhi; Hon. John McKay; Hon. Joe McGuire; Hon. Dan McTeague; Hon. Shawn Murphy; Massimo Pacetti; Francis Scarpaleggia; Hon. Raymond Simard; Lloyd St. Amand; Paul Steckle; Paul Szabo; Hon. Robert Thibault; Alan Tonks; Roger Valley; Tom Wappel; Borys Wrzesnewskyj; and ETA John Maloney
There are also another 10 Liberals in need of an equally good asskicking, those who didn't even show up to vote against this piece of crap yesterday:
St├ęphane Dion; Bryon Wilfert; Joe Volpe; Scott Simms; Nancy Karetak-Lindell; Hon. Mark Eyking; Ujjal Dosanjh; Denis Coderre; Brenda Chamberlain; Gerry Byrne; ETA Paul Martin (former PM)
And two NDPers who deserve an exceptionally good can of whoop-ass, given that they're supposed to be the party most supportive of womens' rights; one for voting in favour of this piece of weasel shit, and the other for failing to keep an eye on his party members:
Peter Stoffer; Jack Layton
Show them the error of their ways. Especially Dion, who not only didn't whip the vote or at least tell the fetus fetishists to abstain, he couldn't even be bothered to show up himself. There is simply no excuse for allowing this bill to get as far as it has. Dion needs to make it his mission in life to kill the thing, or the Liberals won't form a government for years to come. What's the point if they're only going to be Conservative-Lite? Bastards!!

UPDATE: Nancy Karetak-Lindell, the member for Nunavut, was stranded in her home riding by weather. I apologize sincerely to Ms. Karetak-Lindell. (H/T: Some Nut by E-mail)

(h/t for the Liberal Shit-List: Red Tory)