Thursday, March 13, 2008

New and Improved Sins

A few days ago, the Pope announced the addition of seven more new sins to the original seven (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth). These new sins, called "social sins", are meant to modernize the sin list and address a changing world. They are:
"...pollution and genetic engineering, as well as drug dealing, abortion, pedophilia, social injustice and extreme wealth.."
Pollution!? Yeah, Pope Benny is pretty green, and some of the new sins reflect it. So while you might think that Hummer is just a symbol of your support for the Oil Patch, it could be driving you straight to Hell!

Some of us think that, given the rarity with which new sins are added to the original Seven Deadlies (like, never), the Pope might have missed the boat on a few that should have been included. Bruce has some thoughts on the updated sins, and what's missing from the list.

On a less serious note, some of us have our own personal Seven Deadlies, transgressions such as:

1. Waking someone up out of a sound sleep for any other reason than the house being on fire;
2. Using the last of anything and not replacing it -- bonus sin points for being sneaky about it (ie. empty milk carton put stealthily back into the fridge);
3. Trying to make "Relationship" talk during the Stanley Cup Finals;
4. Bringing a shitload of lottery tickets into a store for validation, all at once... at 5pm;
5. Cutting someone off in traffic and then having the audacity to give them the finger when they honk at you (around here, that one might get you killed);
6. Not tipping wait staff;
7. Being late. Nothing says "I don't think your time is worth shit" like chronic lateness.
Anyone else got a sin or two, serious or non-serious, that they want the Pope to add to the list?