Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Film at 8

From Jill Stanek, the comedic genuis who brought us "Sweet & Sour Fetus", there's a poignant (not pregnant) new tale of madness and despair amid the dustbins -- "Video of abortionist Hodari's trash". I smell a Peoples Choice Award!!!
"Dr. Monica Miller shot video of the trash as they were removing it from MI abortionist Alberto Hodari's dumpster, a story I have been chronicling for 3 days now."

Yep, just when you thought the fetus fetishists couldn't get any weirder. Ha! Now they're dumpster-diving, and reporting ("SHRIEEEEEK!") their "Findings" on video. What, you might ask, is a doctor doing rooting around in someone else's trash? Well, it turns out Monica has a doctorate in Theology, which in my opinion makes her well-equipped for a career in dumpster diving.

However, the commenters at Jill's place aren't completely happy with the scenario. A pinpoint of sanity in the gathering dark madness comes in the form of commenter "TS" who says:

"The work of exposing the evil of abortion is a praiseworthy one, but even as a pro-lifer myself, there is something disturbing about the fact that other pro-lifers are picking through trash."
Ya think!??
Not only that, but commenter Sally has suspicions:
"Am I the only one wondering why these folks never saw anyone putting anything into the trash? They had been hanging around the clinic daily for at least a month. You would think that they would have had someone posted at the trash bin night and day."
Ahhhhahahaha. Sally's thinking "set-up", and with good reason. Apparently the dumpster-diving doctor of theology removed the evidence from the scene and refuses to hand it over to the cops. Uh... what?
"...Kinda hard to say where the alleged 'baby' parts came from or where they went. According to Jill, Monica removed the parts before calling the police and refuses to hand them over. Even if she has to go to jail. Call me jaded, but the whole thing is pretty fishy. Wouldn't be the first PL sci fi video."
No, it wouldn't be the first "pro-life sci-fi video", and I doubt it'll be the last. In fact I think the sequel to this one is already in the making: "Hodari parades new trash cans".

Around here we only have to keep the dumpsters bear- and raccoon-proof. I don't know how you'd keep them fetus fetishist-proof.