Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WTF it's snowing again!!?!?

In this lush and temperate part of the world, we rarely get snow at all -- we never ever ever ever get it this late in the year. Usually, if we get past February without any snow, we're laughing... by March 1st the crocuses have come and gone, the daffies are in bloom, and I'm already running in shorts. A guy came into the store yesterday wearing shorts, a T-shirt and flipflops... pretty normal around here at this time of year.

Today: SNOW. Okay, I'm sorry I gloated, I'm sorry I posted a picture of my daffodils, hell, I'm even sorry I ran in shorts, I'm sorry, I apologize, a thousand pardons, please forgive me. Just please, somebody, make it stop.

And no, climate change deniers: the snow isn't a sign that global warming is a hoax. On the contrary, bizarre occurances like snow this late in the year are signs that our climate is indeed FUBAR, pictures of weather meters and barbeques notwithstanding.