Thursday, April 24, 2008

2nd Floor: Electronics, Appliances, Onanism, Hardware...

Ha! Made you look!

Lavatory lurking didn't stop after the Larry Craig scandal. They're still out and about hitting their favourite stalls, and the alibis are getting more creative all the time. This week, a former mayoral candidate (of course!) from Florida (naturally!!) who was caught in a Sears washroom sting (Sears washroom??) had his day in court:
"Mike Shallow told a courtroom he wasn't trying to meet men for sex. Instead, he said, he was in the bathroom playing a video game and insists the police version of the incident is all wrong." [...]

"The bathroom inside the Daytona Beach Sears store was a place where men routinely engaged in sexual activity, police said, but in court Wednesday Shallow said he was just there to buy a TV. The one-time city leader was adamant he is innocent of any crime."

"...And they said, 'Well, the two officers observed you masturbating,' and I said, 'That's completely untrue. No, two officers did not,'" Shallow said Wednesday.Police were the ones who initially made contact with Shallow while he was inside a bathroom stall."

He said he was too startled to act and eventually found a way to pass the time until he felt safe to leave."I took out my PDA and started playing a game on my PDA," he said. It was right after that Shallow said he was arrested.

So he was playing with his peedee! Actually, this is one of those stories that sounds so bad, it might just be true!