Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Residential school gravesites: Why the MSM silence?

A couple of weeks ago the horrific news that 3 children were murdered in Merritt BC was the object of frenzied media attention. While the suspect ran, the MSM clung onto the story with pitbullish tenacity, exhausting every detail from the background of the family, to the manhunt, to the private citizen who finally brought the suspect in. The story captured widespread attention and why not? It was unthinkable, that innocents would be viciously cut down in childhood. And yet...

Just a short hop up the road from Merritt, Kamloops is the site of another story of innocent children murdered, not in the heat of some psychotic passion, but systematically and in far greater numbers. Children that just disappeared from residential schools into the anonymous earth. From the list of residential school mass graves published by stageleft last week:

And Kamloops is just one of many such gravesites announced last week by First Nations representatives determined to investigate the list of mass graves of murdered aboriginal children that spans several towns and cities across the country.

Where is the media frenzy? Why is this story not on the front page of every newspaper in Canada, with our Fourth Estate doing their job and demanding answers?

Consider the repercussions of this story had the "disappeared" been WASPy little kids from Branksome Hall. Even if there was only the faintest shadow of suspicion that their gravesites might have been discovered, it would be headline news with the media howling for investigations. But for the graves of residential school victims? Silence.

Is there a conspiracy of media silence about the victims of residential schools? Why?