Thursday, April 10, 2008

When in doubt, ignore.

In response to the Bill C-494 Challenge from Birth Pangs, SUZANNE reiterates the oft-stated claim that Bill C-484 isn't about abortion to anyone but "the feminists", because "the feminists" just don't get it. (Oh, we get it alright, and I suspect you do, too.)

Anyway: a short discussion ensues, and commenter "just me" arfs:

Okay -- I'm not clear on what argument "just me" was talking about -- if we didn't think the bill was about abortion, we wouldn't be arguing in the first place. We're not making up arguments just for the sake of having them. (What came first, the chicken or the ovum?)

But never mind that: in the next comment, Yours Truly begs to differ, and suggests an alternative law that would actually do the things C-484 claims to, without encroaching on abortion rights by jamming a legal foot in the door to "fetal personhood". As anticipated, the idea was well-received:

Well, I think I "get" that!.