Friday, April 04, 2008

Who are the knuckledraggers?

Too funny -- someone in the media finally articulated what just about everyone knows, but outside of the blogosphere, refuses to acknowlege. From Canadian Cynic, on last night's CTV news, anchor Robert Fife dropped the "K-D"-bomb:
"Just a few minutes ago on CTV's The National, Lloyd Robertson questioning colleague Robert Fife about the Tom Lukiwski incident, during which Fife says (paraphrased, from memory), "Well, everyone knows there's some knuckle-draggers in the [CPoC] party ...""
"Knuckle-draggers in the Conservative Party?" Well no shit Sherlock! You probably couldn't hear a jackhammer over the sound of knuckles scraping the floor as the "Conservatives" file in to the House of Commons. I'm sure by now they've dug little trenches all over the surface of the hardwood.

Of course, conservatives are shocked, shocked I tell you, at this characterization, and demand to know: "WHO? WHO are the knuckle-draggers? Name names!"

Well, obviously Tom Lukiwski's knuckle-dragging cred is impeccable. Another one who swings from trees and walks with dinosaurs is Stockwell Day, and... well, pretty much all of these guys. Anyone who came to the CRAP from the "Reform" side: knuckle-dragger. When you think about it, with the possible exception of MP Josee Verner, I don't think it's going too far out on a limb to say "ALL OF THEM". Even John Baird, card-carrying gay man that he is, acquieses somewhat too much to his knuckle-dragging masters to be considered anything but a knuckle-dragger in drag.

So much for the Great Conservative "Moderate" Makeover!