Friday, May 09, 2008

As the marchers marched outside

something interesting was going on inside the House of Commons, as the totally non-abortion-related Bill C-484 was being discussed. Opposition is building, it seems.

Commenting on the march, stageleft notes the number of Catholic school kids in attendance. No surprise there, it's a free field trip out of class, and a credit just for attending this little shindig. What's not to love? They bring them in by the busload. (Although if I were a conservative, I might be bitching about what my tax dollars are being spent on -- marches for causes I disagree with and who knows what all else?)

And there's another reason that I wouldn't regard student attendance at the March for Life as proof positive of the rock-solid "pro-life values" and vestal purity of those kids from Our Mother of Perpetual Persecution High (School). According to "chastity speaker"(?) Dawn Eden, if the ones from Holy Cross Catholic School are typical, they are Wild Sex Beasts, and where Wild Sex Beasts go, contraception and abortion surely follow. After Eden's less than successful speech at HCC, her website was deluged with angry messages from the kids, like this one:
"I'm a catholic and i absolutely love having sex... does it mean im a bad person? No, i think that chastity should be up to the person, I believe in making my own decisions on my lifestyle, based on what i feel is right its called cultural relativism."
"You are a SLUT!! You're not a virgin! Face reality. PS- Just because we wear short skirts does not make us whores! Many of us are still virgins and wear short skirts! ALSO, a lot of us LOVE SEX!!!! So what?! You're just making us want to have sex more. So just shutup cuz no one cares about your life."
But that was last week. Those young ladies were probably "marching for life" yesterday. (What they did after the march is nobody's business but their own. *wink*)