Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bad to worse

Fetus fetishists: it's not enough that they want to take away the choice of abortion, now they're going after the birth control pill. Birth Pangs has the lowdown on their latest idiocy:
"Remember “Speed Kills”? A friendly reminder that the methamphetamine was not your friend? Well that is so retro my Culture of Death compadres.

These are modern and enlightened times. Now we know that it is really the Pill that Kills. Well that and that whole thinking women have a choice about what goes in or comes out ."

Teh Pill That Kills!!!!1! Not content with stuffing their noses in our crotches, the fetus fetishizing "American Life League" is jamming their snouts right up our fallopians and into our ovaries. ALL has launched a campaign against the birth control pill, framing it as an "abortifacient", a chemical that causes an abortion to occur spontaneously. SHRIEEEEEK!

Only one problem: taken as prescribed, the Pill can't possibly act as an abortifacient because there is no egg released to be fertilized in the first place. The Pill does have "failsafe" effects to block sperm from getting in and prevent implantation just in case it isn't taken as prescribed and one slips past the goalie, but in most cases the failsafes are unnecessary.

But that doesn't stop the ALL from drooling and hyperventilating about the numbers of "chemical abortions", supposedly

"a total of 196,325,000 to 324,325,000 chemical abortions wiped out the equivalent of the entire United States population!"

Where the hell do they get those numbers from? Only the most credible of sources, no doubt! They're derived from stats compiled by the nutbar who founded "Pharmacists For Life" (aka "Pharmacists who should be in some other line of work"), Bogomir M. Kuhar (who is also highly thought of by our friends at the AoG), plus ALL's own analysis of Planned Parenthood sales records. So according to these fuckwits, every birth control pill ever taken is an abortion, never mind the fact that 99 times out of 100, the pill functions as advertised and no egg is even released. Huh!??

"ALL" -- acronym for "American Life League" or "Atrocious Little Lies"?