Friday, May 16, 2008

Bill C-543 makes more sense

Liberal MP Brent St. Denis (who voted against Bill C-484) has introduced private member's bill C-543, a bill he says closes the doors left open (to an attack on abortion rights) by the odious C-484:
"MP Brent St. Denis moved to introduce a private members’ bill, C-543, saying that C-484 “left too many unanswered questions and too many doors were left open.”

St. Denis told the House of Commons, “For those of us who are pro-choice, but did not want to go down that road, I have created a simple bill, which would provide judges with the ability to increase the penalties for those who would knowingly assault or abuse a pregnant woman.”"
This is similar to what pro-choicers have been suggesting in lieu of Bill C-484 -- the recognition of a pregnant woman as a different victim category, with harsher penalties for assaulting them. That would address the loss of a pregnancy without making the fetus the aggrieved party ("unborn victim") and putting a woman's right to self-determination on the line. With harsher sentencing, it would certainly "hold accountable" anyone who causes the loss of a pregnancy, which is what supporters of C-484 have been saying all along is all they want.

One would think they'd be ecstatic with this bill -- yet they're not, and in fact consider it "a bill to counter" C-484.

If Bill C-543 holds accountable those who cause the loss of a pregnancy, you have to wonder what exactly Bill C-484 supporters think it "counters". Oops.