Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forever Altered

Here's a guy with a Problem:

"Canada's highest court is to rule Thursday on whether a man who found a fly in his bottle of water should be compensated for anxiety and depression.

Martin Mustapha of Windsor, Ont. said he was forever altered by finding the insect, despite the fact he didn't drink from the bottle. He said he developed a phobia about flies, cannot sleep, is irritable and his sex life has suffered.

He sued the water-bottling company and was awarded $341,000 in 2005."

Wow -- I'd hate to see how he'd react to accidentally guzzling down a cigarette butt. (On the other hand, this guy doesn't seem like the type who probably goes to a lot of parties.) As for his suffering sex life, I suppose there's a spanish fly joke in there somewhere, ha.