Thursday, May 15, 2008

Would it make a difference?

Curious minds might wonder if the discovery of a link between HPV and oral cancer in men might make a difference to the frothing fundies who've been pissing and moaning that Who Cares!? if the vaccine is a cervical cancer defense, it's a license to have Sex Without Consequences (and if the "consequences" include death from cervical cancer, so be it, you hell-bound harlots).

We already know these people don't give a shit about women, but if HPV causes oral cancer in men, one would think this might be cause for concern.
But somehow I doubt these fatuous and featherbrained social conservative notions will be changed by this:
"The sexually transmitted virus called HPV, for human papillomavirus, is well known to lead to cervical cancer in women — which is why the federal government recommends that all girls be vaccinated for HPV at 11 or 12, before they become sexually active. Now researchers are finding that many oral cancers in men are also associated with the virus." (emphasis mine)
Sadly, those opposed to the HPV vaccine tend to be people who only engage in *sexual congress* for the express purpose of procreation -- they're unlikely to feel threatened by the news that a man's mouth may be in danger from exposure to unvaccinated genitals. I predict no change in the weather regarding their views on the vaccine, or for that matter, the rate of SoConnilingus.

(phrom pharyngula)