Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Little Mosque" goes south

The CBC-TV show that right-wingnuts love to hate, "Little Mosque on the Prairie", is going Hollywood:
"Little Mosque on the Prairie is about to move up to the broadcasting big league south of the border.

WestWind Pictures, the producers of the CBC Television hit comedy, has signed a deal with Twentieth Century-Fox Television to create an American version of the series. Created by Zarqa Narwaz, Little Mosque follows the lives of a small Muslim community in the fictional Canadian prairie town of Mercy. The intent behind the new deal is to remount the series in a U.S. setting."

Err... is this the same "Little Mosque on the Prairie" that the wingnuts shrieeeekingly referred to as "state-funded dhimmitude" (whatever the fuck that is) that was destined to -- "heh" -- expire after 6 episodes due to bad ratings? Why yes, it is. But these people are so consistently so wrong about so many other things, why should their TV ratings performance predictions be any exception? Heh.