Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Making the cut

Today Birth Pangs posted an all-points bulletin for Culture of Death bloggers about the "The Pill Kills!!!!11! (shrieeeeek!)" protest, coming soon (Saturday) to a birth control clinic near you. That's the big day when scientifically-challenged, leg-humping, bible-thumping fetus fetishists will converge on Planned Parenthood offices across the USA. If their facebook group is any indication, Saturday's event promises to be a popular insurrection like no other: 131 confirmed, 131 maybes, 389 declined, and 162 haven't replied. Oh well, what can you expect -- the facebook group has only been up for, oh I don't know, 6 weeks??? Yes, this is clearly the defining issue of our time.

An unhappy little sidebar to this situation is that in spite of my best efforts, I was unable to make the cut as an American Life League-approved "Culture Of Death" blogger, as did Birth Pangs (#2 with a bullet!). I thought my Culture of Death cred was impeccable, but I'm obviously not trying hard enough. What would increase my Culture of Death gravitas... maybe something like this?

Or how about a Culture of Death facebook group? I bet I could get more than 262 people on board in 6 hours, never mind 6 weeks. The Culture of Death is nothing if not proactive. Oh, and there are several orders of magnitude more of us -- that's helpful, too.