Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yes he can

It looks like Barack Obama is a mere 10 delegates away from winning the Democratic nomination.
"Sen. Barack Obama inched closer to the Democratic nomination Tuesday as endorsements from superdelegates trickled in. Thirty one delegates are at stake in the final contests under way in South Dakota and Montana. Obama is now 10 delegates short of the 2,118 needed to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, according to CNN's count.

Obama would become the first African-American to lead a U.S. major-party ticket.

His remaining rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, does not plan to concede the race Tuesday night, campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe told CNN -- but one of her leading supporters said "a moment of truth" was at hand." [...]

"Two New York lawmakers told CNN on Tuesday that Clinton expressed willingness during a conference call to serve as Obama's running mate in November."
I was initially inclined to support Hillary, but all along I thought either nominee had good points. Obama does have the ability to instill the sense of hope that the USA needs so badly, after having all their optimism drained away by the half-bright hillbillies currently in the white house. Most importantly, he can win the election. One of Clinton's biggest negatives was that she's so universally loathed by the right that her nomination would have mobilized the Republican base in a way that nothing else could.

Now the Democrats can get on with the job of taking back the country from the shriekers, howlers, war-mongering thieves and fundamentalist freaks that commandeered it 8 years ago.