Monday, June 02, 2008

Your concern is underwhelming

This "ProWomanProLife" blog is fast becoming one of my favourite resources for anti-choice idiotisms. Today Anti-Choice Andrea links to Bread n Roses to make some kind of moronic point about opposition to Bill C-484:
"So there was a demonstration in Montreal against Bill C-484 yesterday after all. Read about it, here.

Many carried grisly signs; others opted for clever slogans such as “Epp, Harper: Je fais ce que je veux avec mes oeufs,” (What I do with my ovaries is up to me.) After the rally, protesters marched down the hill to Berri Square.

I say go to town, you and your ovaries–it’s more unborn babies I’m concerned about. And when you can’t tell the difference, what you really need is a biology lesson."

Yeah. And if you were really concerned about "unborn babies" *sob*, and not just wanting to stuff your nose in someone else's crotch and dictate how they use it, you'd be recommending contraception to cut down on unwanted pregnancies, not buying into steaming, stenchified bullshit like this.

When you can't tell the difference between that which is your business and that which is not, what you really need is a lesson in basic good manners. I've got one right here on the sole of my boot, want a closer look? Imbecile.