Saturday, July 26, 2008

Can you take a little more Stupid?

Sure ya can!

Now that the MASSIVE POLL has been beaten to a bleeding pulp, while we wait for the doctor to take its pulse and declare it D.O.A., let's check out another fetus fetishist site, "4 My Canada".

"4 My Canada" is ostensibly a "youth" site for up-and-coming fetus fetishists (okay, "up-but-not-coming") -- you can tell by the use of "4" instead of "for". There's imagery of young people doing young people stuff like standing around with red tape over their mouths,

and articles about activities of interest to da yoot, like prayer sieges and anti-abortion Facebook groups. Movie recommendations? Ben Stein's "Expelled" is not to be missed! You can sign up for a 24/7 Prayer Siege (4 time slots still available, guys: please pray for calorie-negative chocolate), and get ready to Party Down at a big prayer shindig in Ottawa on August 28 (mark your calendars "INcoming!!!").

One of 4MC's initiatives is "OPERATION MOCO" -- "Morgentaler Order of Canada Outcry". They have protest postcards all ready to go, like this totally sane and sensible one for the Governor-General:

"Mass murderer" -- no hysterical hyperbole there. But never mind that, there's another postcard for... the Queen!

"Morgenaler? Order of Canada?" Fetus fetishists? Spell much?

And... whoops! Hold the phone! What's this!?

"The largest telephone poll in Canada's history"!?? That wouldn't happen to be the MASSIVE POLL that's lying crumpled and lifeless out in the parking lot after a 3-day non-stop pile-on shitkicking and chain-whipping at the hands of the reality-based blogging community... would it?

To call these people cretins would be an insult to cretins everywhere.