Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dr. Morgentaler responds

Less than an hour ago, Dr. Morgentaler spoke to the media about his award of the Order of Canada. He said he was honoured to receive it, but also pointed out that he wasn't the least surprised by negative comments from anti-abortion groups, and in fact, the backlash wasn't nearly as bad as he expected:
"Abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler says he's proud to receive the Order of Canada, and is surprised the backlash hasn't been as great.

Speaking to reporters at his Toronto clinic on Wednesday, Dr. Morgentaler acknowledged that Canadians have never been unified on their views of abortion. But he said he is deserving of the Order of Canada – the country's most prestigious civilian honour – for spearheading the fight to legalize abortion.

“I'm actually surprised that the reaction is not more violent than it is,” Dr. Morgentaler said. “There are many groups, especially on the fundamentalist side and the Catholic right, who are adamantly opposed to the rights of women to have abortions, especially safe abortions.”"

W00t! You go, Doc!