Monday, July 21, 2008

The Injured List

Oh no! Our good buddy Bruce is on the Injured List, having done a rather spectacular header into a shelving unit and -- well, let him tell it.

Coincidentally, I am also on the Injured List, but unlike Bruce I have no idea how it happened. Sometime during the course of the day (today) I became afflicted with a mysterious and acute pain and swelling in my right wrist/thumb area. I'm not sure what this condition is or what caused it, but it hurts like a bastard and typing is viciously painful... (explaining my lack of responsiveness to comments from earlier today). An Expert I consulted with suggested carpal tunnel syndrome: "Repetitive motion" she accused. Well. I did a lot of things today that didn't involve repetitive motion -- worked in the garden, fixed my ailing fridge, stacked wood -- stacked wood? There we go, that was easy. It must be a sprain, and the wrist action of picking up wood is the culprit.

But just to be on the safe side, for the next few days my right hand will be a repetitive motion-free zone.