Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The little blizzard that couldn't

Hey, what about the perfect storm of Order of Canada awards that were supposed to be returned in outraged protest of the Morgentaler award? Where is the "blizzard of snowflakes" that the fetus fetishists predicted? It's been a week since Dr. Morgentaler's Order of Canada was announced -- surely anyone enraged enough to return their own O of C would have done so by now. It would be a little anti-climactic to make such a symbolic gesture after the story's melted into history and nobody's paying attention. If a snowflake falls and there's nobody around to hear it...

But the lies continue apace. "Another snowflake falls..." anti-choice bloggers intone ominously, as if thousands of Order of Canada inductees* have announced they will return their award, instead of, well um, three (3):

1. A "controversial" Catholic priest;

2. Spokespersons for the founder of "Madonna House";

3. Someone returning his uncle's award.

Note also that, according to the National Post,
"A spokeswoman for Rideau Hall said no one has returned a medal since the announcement about Dr. Morgentaler's recognition. It had been reported that a Catholic priest in Vancouver would send his medal back but he has yet to do so, the spokeswoman said."
Not that I doubt these three (3) awards will be returned. Just sayin', that's all, and -- sorry, just can't keep it in... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*NOTE: I should clarify that of the 3 awards apparently being returned, only one is being returned by the original inductee -- the other 2 are being returned by representatives who've taken it upon themselves to determine what the deceased inductees would do or think. Not surprising from people who feel justified in dictating how other people should conduct their reproductive business.

(h/t: just another willy loman)