Friday, July 25, 2008

Massive Pollster KlrVu -- Website tweaks in progress

The good folks at KlrVu must be following all our posts now, and correcting all the spelling mistakes and bullshit as we find them. Most recently, the notation in the lower left corner that said "Member of MRIA Canada", which was, well um, err, uh, a little, shall we say, "truthiness-challenged"...

...went down the old Memory Hole...

... and became "Principal Owner is a Individual Member of MRIA Association of Canada".

Yeah, that's right -- "is a Individual". Never mind polls, could these people even be trusted to pour a beer without fucking spilling it all over the place?

And I mean, seriously, who really even knows...?

On the other hand, they didn't say the MRIA, "Marketing Research and Intelligence Association" -- they said the "MRIA Association", the "Marketing Research and Intelligence Association Association". So it could be a whole nother association association.

Is the toxic level of stupid giving anyone else a headache?

AFTERTHOUGHT: You gotta love how the home page has a big "Welcome". That must be for us, since we're likely the only ones viewing it.

UPDATE (July 26): Google finally returns a hit for the "klrvu research" website! They no doubt have us to thank for that. All together now: "You're welcome!"

(h/t: sassy in the comments)