Thursday, August 07, 2008

After the martyrdom

comes the ecstatic, slavering adoration!!!

If Ezra Levant's mewling little treatise in yesterday's NatPo wasn't bad enough, check out the ensuing comments as the Better-Than-Ezra Fan Club furiously hammers those nails into the cross:

Ezra's a hero!
A modern-day hero!

Ezra's a freedom fighter!

With bravery beyond any award!

Ezra's the Champ!

(Well, I loooooose it! I snap!)

Give Ezra $12 million!

Erect a statue of Ezra! (Good grief. A st

They finally got so excited they started drooling over
each other...

Absolutely! A statue in the town square for "Raze"! And $12,000,000! (No maybe just $11,000,000, since the courage "Raze" had to summon to make that post doesn't quite measure up to the bravery of taking on doughy civil servants.)

Inexorably, a tiny voice of sanity
breaks up the furious little circle jerk:

That was the final comment when I last looked; by now "Rob34" has been set upon and driven from the combox by the torch-and-pitchfork-wielding denizens of Ezraville.

Is it any wonder Ezra wants to keep milking this thing?

"WHAT-A-LOAD" UPDATE: There's much whining and whimpering about the $100,000 that Ezra's supposedly out due to his HRC travails. But with the $132,063 the Western Standard got from the Publications Assistance Program (yeah, that's taxpayers' money) the year this little fooferaw started (plus another $63,366 the year before), by my math he's still ahead... and that doesn't include the unknown amount he's hauled in with the good old Paypal button. (h/t Ti-Guy in the comments)