Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Okay people, it's Artsy-Fartsy Corner! Here's another one of my seemingly-endless supply of DIY projects, chronicled from start to finish.

Always on the lookout for fugly old pieces of crap that might have the potential to be made beautiful, I scavenged this old-as-dirt door from the house of a friend. The house itself is over 100 years old, but I doubt this door's an original. By the fittings I'd guess it to be 30s vintage.

This is Phase One of the Door Project, lots of paint-scraping goodness as I make my way through the decades of peeling paint on this thing. The body of this door is solid wood (the inserts are heavy plywood), so once I get it stripped, I'll decide if it's good enough quality for staining or if it needs painting. What goes in the window is anyone's guess -- either some kind of stained glass, or possibly a plywood insert, to be painted in an as-yet-undetermined design. Or... whatever. Tile? I'm open to suggestions.

Who knows what this thing might end up looking like? Not me!