Sunday, August 03, 2008

Is he or isn't he?

Only the wingnuts know for sure.

Wingnut response to the horrific Greyhound bus killing has been -- well, I'd like to say "enlightening", but unfortunately it just confirms what we already know about right-wingnuts and those furious little pretzels
of paranoid madness they call... "their brains".

At FD, they're in a quandary:

"Maybe"!? No doubt! But who cares, because:

Or a Unitarian Universalist, eh pally? But then again...

Damn straight. A cover-up:

But suddenly, Realitus interruptus:

"Worked hard all week, went to church on Sundays, went insane." D'oh!

Now I'm waiting for someone to notice that in the arrest picture, the killer appears to be wearing ...Birkenstocks!, notorious Official Footwear of Leftoid Hippie Feminist Gay Libtard Barking Moonbats everywhere!