Friday, September 15, 2006

Firefox: from the blues to the weirds

Okay, this is getting bizarre. Last week I was having so much trouble with Firefox that I uninstalled it completely and downloaded Camino, which I've been using ever since.

Just now when I got on the computer, I saw the little firefox icon bouncing around in the dock. BUT, I thought, didn't I uninstall you, little firefox guy? I launched it and got a message that firefox had just updated to version, and I needed to restart. So I thought, okay, I'll play, and restarted, launched firefox and boom. My home page, all my bookmarks, everything was there. I started clicking on links to my favourite blogs (the original problem I had was firefox wasn't opening links), and they were snapping open just fine. I was feeling pretty good about this, thinking maybe the update had solved the problem (never mind that firefox was supposed to have been erased from my computer). Then I started noticing something strange -- some of the links are stuck on September 12. These are blogs that I've already read earlier today, and they all had more recent posts than that. The URLs were the home addresses, so they should have opened to the most recent entries. But no. Incidentally, September 12 isn't the day I last used firefox -- I uninstalled it a couple of days earlier. Hmmm.

I ran a virus scan -- unlikely on a mac, but it happens -- and nada. I wonder if this is a firefox problem or a blogger problem -- the affected blogs were on blogspot. And just to make things interesting, it's not all blogs on blogspot -- some of them are fine. WTF WTF WTF?