Friday, September 08, 2006

From the "No Shit Sherlock" Department: No Iraq/Al Qaeda Link

That ripping sound you hear is the tearing apart of whatever tenuous ties bound Iraq to 9/11 in the minds of nitwits and neocons everywhere.

The US Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on Iraq today. The report concludes that post-war findings do not support 2002 intelligence reports that Iraq had nukes, biological or chemical warfare agents: there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. The report also says there is no credible intelligence indicating any ties between Iraq and al qaeda. Until recently, the Bush administration has always insisted that there was a relationship between Iraq and al qaeda; if not Osama's al qaeda, then Zarqawi's al qaeda. But the new report blows off the possibility of ties between Iraq and al qaeda under any leadership.

So maybe now, after 5 years of investigations, millions of man-hours and hundreds of pounds of paper culminating in today's report, the bush administration can get to work on the real problems that cause terrorism and stop fucking around with bullshit. You know, like their propaganda movie "Path to 9/11" accuses the Clinton white house of doing.