Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh shit! Nukes! The terraists want nukes!

Right on schedule, the week before US midterm election campaigning starts in earnest, "al qaeda in Iraq" released a message online that told how badly things there are going for them. The message, posted by the New Zarqawi, said the militants have suffered over 4,000 casualties since the start of the war in 2003. The New Zarqawi pleaded for help and said they were "in dire need" of militants to join the jihad. But he's looking for a fairly specific list of qualifications; "experts in chemistry, physics, electronics, media, and all other sciences -- especially nuclear scientists and explosives experts".

It was all sneering and eye-rolling up to the point when I saw "nuclear scientists"; then I burst out laughing, long and loud. Hell yeah, they want "nuclear scientists", and if you don't vote republican this fall, they'll send one of those nukes right up your arse. And your family's arses too!

Indeed, one couldn't be blamed for wondering why, after 3 and a half years of not talking about casualties, the militants are suddenly focussing on them. And not just recent casualties -- for some reason they've chosen this week, the week of the disastrous NIE report, to tally up the total number of casualties they've sustained over the entire war. Almost as if they too had read the NIE report, and felt they had to dispute it -- "No no, we're losing! Really!" And the nukes! One couldn't be faulted for the suspicion that maybe there's something a little too melodramatic about this scenario. I mean, if you want to get a weapon of mass destruction, where do you go? Make a quick trip to Pakistan to see Dr. Khan? Nope -- go online! Maybe find it on E-Bay!

One couldn't be blamed for thinking the message was pure BULLSHIT, served up right once again by the bush administration. The only blame goes to the suckers who actually fall for this crap, and let the administration get away with doing it.