Friday, September 15, 2006


Sorry, George, but you can't redefine the Geneva Conventions to save your own ass. This is so awesome. Just when I'd almost given up hope that anyone anywhere in the US government had any scruples left:

"The Senate Armed Forces Comittee defied President Bush on Thursday, with 4 republicans joining democrats in approving a plan for the trial and interrogation of terrorism suspects that the white house has rejected as unacceptable."

The plan was approved after a lot of republican infighting, and concerted effort by the white house to win support for its own approach, which includes "alternative interrogation methods". The legislation means the closure of the CIA "black sites" interrogation program. How awesome that 4 republicans signed on for this... I guess friends don't let friends torture.

UPDATE: Here's the text from Bush's press conference this morning I'd advise having a barf bucket handy...